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war krig 1864
The war In 1864 was between Prussia And Austria on one side And Denmark on the other. It began February 1, 1864 and ended On July 20, 1864. Denmark was defeated and had to surrender the following areas to Germany: Holstein, Lauenburg and Schleswig, which meant the Danish border was now at Kongeåen. Around 200.000 Danes were now under German rule.
This theme-page aims to offer a searchable database of the fallen Danish soldiers from the war in 1864. It will also be possible to add original sources for each person in the database. For example pictures, documents, church records, censuses and military records.
Source material for the construction of the database have come from 'Krigen 1864 Og de Faldnes Minde' written by William Cohen and published in 1865 by GEC Gad in Copenhagen, as well as from Holger A. Frisenette 'Register over faldne i de slesvigske krige 1848-1864' published January 3, 2010.