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Amt Oversigt / Maribo / Census data / 1840
Census data for Maribo 1840
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Hundred list
 YearHundredNo. ParishesCoverageMapping to recorded personsNo. PagesNo. PeopleMale #Male %Female #Female %Unknown #Unknown %
1840Falsters Nørre15100.00%90.27%2459,7954,92050.23%4,87449.76%10.01%
1840Falsters Sønder15100.00%100.00%36111,1985,57749.80%5,61250.12%90.08%
1840Lollands Nørre14100.00%98.88%35312,4696,17249.50%6,25250.14%450.36%
1840Lollands Sønder1593.33%99.57%3018,6924,32649.77%4,32849.79%380.44%
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