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Overview / Viborg / Fjends / Tårup parish / Census / 1911
 Record No.Fam No.Plot No.NameSexAgeBorn YearBorn PlaceMarital StatusPlace Namehousehold PositionProfession
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11  Jens Petersen M371874??GiftTaarupgaardHusfaderBestyrer
21  Rasmine Petersen K1041807HevringGiftTaarupgaardHusmoder 
31  Axel Aage Petersen M101901Hevringholm ?UgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
41  Holger Verner Petersen M91902HevringholmUgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
51  Jenny Dora Bolette Petersen K71904HevringholmUgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
61  Henrik ?? Folmer Petersen M51906HolbækgaardUgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
71  Ove Hagbart Petersen M41907VivildUgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
81  *** Log in to view this name *** M 1910TaarupgaardUgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
91  *** Log in to view this name *** M 1911Galizien ??UgiftTaarupgaardTjenestetyendeTyende
101  *** Log in to view this name *** M 1911MoskvaUgiftTaarupgaardTjenestetyendeTyende
111  Kristian Hegelsted ?? M191892Borrits ??UgiftTaarupgaardTjenestetyendeTyende
121  Joseff Birkler ?? M211890ViborgUgiftTaarupgaardTjenestetyendeTyende
132  Peder Pedersen M351876Hald TaarupgaardHusfaderDaglejer ved Landbruget
142  Magda Magdalene Pedersen K251886Lunning Hjørring TaarupgaardHusmodeer 
152  *** Log in to view this name *** M 1910HaldUgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
163  Peter Henriksen M111900SilkeborgGiftTaarupgaardHusfaderGartner Alderdomsunderstøttelse
173  Mette Henriksen K601851LøvlGiftTaarupgaardHusmoder 
183  Kristian ?? Peder Henriksen M111900TaarupgaardUgiftTaarupgaardBarn 
194  Lars Laurberg Pedersen M371874Rævind (Tårup sogn)GiftTaarupgaardHusfaderForkarl paa Taarupgaard
204  Karen Margrete Pedersen K351876FiskebækGiftTaarupgaardHusmoder 
Hvem boede i Tårup parish i 1911: Jens Petersen, Rasmine Petersen, Axel Aage Petersen, Holger Verner Petersen, Jenny Dora Bolette Petersen, Henrik ?? Folmer Petersen, Ove Hagbart Petersen, *** Log in to view this name ***, *** Log in to view this name ***, *** Log in to view this name ***, Kristian Hegelsted ??, Joseff Birkler ??, Peder Pedersen, Magda Magdalene Pedersen, *** Log in to view this name ***, Peter Henriksen, Mette Henriksen, Kristian ?? Peder Henriksen, Lars Laurberg Pedersen, Karen Margrete Pedersen og mange andre personer