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1) Creating Your account on

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This screen is shown. Fill out with Your name and email-address.


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Soon You will recieve an e-mail with a link to login in Your mailbox.

2)  When you want to log in to, you must use your email address as the User Name.

The password has been sent to You by e-mail, or you have chosen it yourself.

If you have forgotten your password, click “then click here”  to get a temporary password.

In the User Menu, this point is important. The Personal Data Act.

This is important because Danish Family Search must comply with the legislation.

It is to read, understand and approve. If you do not approve, we may not show people,

born after 1908. It should only be done once.

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Your username is ALWAYS your full mailaddress.


4) Change password or forgotten password on DFS.

Go to  or


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 In english: We have now sent you an email with a new temporary password for your user account.


Now You can change password to, what You want.


Here we describe how to register, log in and approve the Personal Data Act Logon manual