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Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir
8 Dec 2021 - 11:52
Hi can anyone help. We are looking for Henrik Petersen and Mary Petersen. They are the parents in this paper. The child was born on July 10, 1930 in Akureyri, Iceland and was left with Icelandic family . We have found in a church book that Mary was a maid and lived with Otto Tulinius and a family in Akureyri in 1929 when she was 23 years old. And we don´t find her name after 1930 in Iceland. And Henrik was a servant on the steamship Island, maybe dead 1931, 1932.
Thanks ??
Flemming Rasmussen
9 Dec 2021 - 08:42:46
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It probably requires more dates on parents
( A Date of Birth )
Íslendingabók - Forsíða (

Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir
9 Dec 2021 - 12:59:47
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Hi Flemming

that´s the problem we have, we don´t have birthdate of the perents 

Flemming Rasmussen
9 Dec 2021 - 13:45:05
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Hi Ingibjörg

The parents' names are very common in Denmark, so you need something that can identify them, 
such as a date of birth. Have you tried the web page I gave you ?

maybe you can find the son there, maybe there could be something about the parents, 
since it requires a cpr from iceland, which I do not have. 
I know nothing about Church Books from Iceland. 
The church books are at the National Archives in Reykjavík: Landsskjalasafnið.

 Without further information about the parents, i think no one can help you.

Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir
10 Dec 2021 - 02:52:38
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Hi Flemming and thank you for respond.

The child on the birth certificate is my husband's father, his name was Hinrik Jakob Hinriksson Petersen and he died in 1975, Unfortunately  everyone who knew something is dead. My husband has sent DNA sample to Myheritage but unfortunately there was no definitive answer there. And there is no information about Mary and Henrik in the Islendingabók. The only thing we have in our hands is this birth certificate and what we found in the 1929 census that Mary was a maid for Otto Tulinius and family. I know that Otto Tulinius and his family lived in Copenhagen from 1921 to 1929. So my guess is that she came with them to Iceland and left Iceland soon after the birth. She gave birth to the child in a hospital in 1930 in Akureyri  Iceland. I've been trying to get information about Mary but I come across a wall everywhere, no one knows anything. We have information that the steamship Iceland was owned by Þórarinn Tulinius who owned the ship company Thore. And Otto and Þórarinn had a sister named Axelina Johanna Tulinius and after she married her husband named Frederik Constantin Petersen born 1866 her name was Agla Johanna Petersen. I do not know if there is a connection.

The woman who took Hinrik and raised him adopted him in 1961, the same year my husband was born. This is a big mystery. I sometimes tell my husband that his dad is definitely the only child the stork has brought :)

Flemming Rasmussen
16 Dec 2021 - 10:27:36
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Hi Ingibjörg

You have the wrong spelling of your husband's father,
The correct spelling is Henrik Jacob Henriksen Petersen.
( Also note the correct spellings of the people below )

Axelline Johanne Petersen born Tulinius
Census 01-02-1901, Skive Sogn, Hindborg Herred, Viborg Amt
Born 02-04-1866 Eskifjörður, Iceland

Frederik Constantin Petersen
Census 01-02-1901, Skive Sogn, Hindborg Herred, Viborg Amt
Born 14-11-1866, Nexø Sogn, Sønder Herred, Bornholms Amt
Church book from the National Archives >
Kontraministerial i Farve, Afsnit Fødte Mænd 1860 til 1879
LINK Opslag 22, Nummer 23
Son of Hans Peter Petersen and Caroline Petersen born Hahn

Census 05-11-1925
( Bank Director )

Census 05-11-1940
Married 28-05-1895

Otto Frederik Tulinius
Census 01-02-1890, København, Strandkvarter, Danmark

Census 05-11-1925, Frederiksberg, København, Danmark
Wholesaler / Grocery Store

Born 20-06-1869 Eskifjörður, Iceland
Baptism  05-07-1869 Holmar I Reydarfirdi, Sudur-Mulasysla, Iceland
Dead 22-01-1948
Parents = Carl Daniel Gottlieb Tulinius, Guðrún Tulinius born Þórarinsdóttir
Siblings = Thorarinn Erlendur Tulinius ( Þórarinn ), Carl Tulinius, Carl Andreas Tulinius, Axel Valdemar Tulinius, Axeline Johanne Tulinius, Bjarni Thorlacius Tulinius
Married 03-08-1895 Holmar I Reydarfirdi, Sudur-Mulasysla, Iceland
Wife = Valgerður Ólafía Tulinius born Möller (Møller)
Daughter = Jakobína Margrét "Bína" Thoroddsen born Tulinius

Thorarinn Erlendur Tulinius ( Þórarinn Tulinius)
Born 28-07-1860 Eskifjordur, Suður-Múlasýsla, Austurland, Iceland
Baptized 29-07-1860 Holmar I Reydarfirdi, Sudur-Mulasysla, Iceland
Wife = Helga Tulinius (born Frich)
Census 01-02-1895 ( With Wife )
Dead 10-11-1932 Strandboulevard 8, Citadels Sogn, Staden København, Denmark
Burial site >
Picture of Thorarinn Erlendur Tulinius >

 ( Information from and )

With the rest I have to give lost.
Just some names is not enough unfortunately 
Try to find Henrik Jacob in Curch Books on National Archives in Reykjavík

Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir
10 Dec 2021 - 11:53:06
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Hi Flemming

Thank you so much for this, but unfortunately this is all we've been finding. The name of my father-in-law is correct, he was baptized in Iceland and lived here all his life. And in  say that Hinrik's father was Henry Petersen, but the birth certificate is the name Henrik. We have searched for both names, but no luck.  I have read so many church books, both here in Iceland and in Denmark and also searched the National Archives, but unfortunately I have not found much. What we need is the day of birth, but unfortunately no one can tell us that.
Thanks again Ingibjörg

Britta Hansen
10 Dec 2021 - 14:35:33
Svar: Help

If Hinrik Jakob was adopted, you should look for the adoption case. Wery few women were called Mary. Her name might be Marry or Marie.

Are crewlists from the steamship Iceland and/or the Company Thore available? What is the exact name of this ship company?

Is his company Danish?:  A/S Thore is mentioned in this article Thor E. Tulinius ( He also owned a company 'De Forenede Islandsforretninger'.

Flemming Rasmussen
10 Dec 2021 - 16:04:04
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Well thought out with adoption Britta c",)

The burial site i had already link to. ( But yes I forgot to tell there is quite a bit of history c",)

I can find him in the Church Book from Akureyri
He is number 72 on the left.
His Name not enrolled, Only Mother is enrolled, without any data.

No baptism date entered, birth certificate says baptized 07-05-1944, but I do not find it in the Church Book from Akureyri.
Not Confirmed in 1944 in Akureyri. Baptized and probably Confirmed  the same year, but where ? ? ?

He must be baptized before he can be confirmed

Do you know where in Iceland he lived in 1944 ?

Do You have find him Baptized og Confirmed (staðfestingu) in Churchbook ?

Ingibjörg Björnsdóttir
10 Dec 2021 - 16:55:59
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Thanks again.

My housband told me he lived in Akranes when he was baptized. 14 years old. In the church book you found his birth, there are adoption documents at the beginning of the book. I have also tried to find a passenger list, between Denmark and Iceland but find none. Yes Britta Hansen it´s Danish company named A/S Thore