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Felipe Jensen
17 Dec 2017 - 17:42
I'd like some help reading what's written on the right of this document. Gregers Jensen, son of Jens Jensen, is my 3x grandfather. It says "1850 soldat. 1859 ??????????"

Can anybody help me understand what's written after "1859"?
(This is the  Lægdsruller from 1858, Skuldelev).

Kind Regards,

Felipe Jensen

Britta Hansen
17 Dec 2017 - 23:32:13
Svar: Help interpreting my Ancestor's Lægdsruller

The status .. forstkn = Forstærkningen = Reservetropper [Reserve troops] is written at several of the persons in the Military Levying Rolls Frederiksborg Hovedrulle 1858_58_F206

After a period of 8 years being liable of military service the person was transferred to the Reserve Troops and would be called up for military service in case of mobilising (I'm not sure of the correct English terms)

Kind regards

Britta Hansen