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Diane Hansford
5 Jan 2018 - 09:28

Hi   Can someone help in reading below.  I am looking for Johan Frederik Adolphsen born 1776 Osted  I believe this is him.  Who is the father Adolph   ?? and mother Margrethe   ??

Thank you for your help  Diane



Overview/Odense/Båg/Ørsted parish/Churchbooks/Churchbook 1769 - 1814 Ørsted, Ny udgave/Page No. 15


Jan Hedegaard Skov
5 Jan 2018 - 23:40:39
Svar: Who are parents

Hi Diane,


I read the text as;

Dom. 16 post Trinit. d. 22 Sept.

Adolph Jensens Søn, her af Byen. [Adolph Jensen's Son, from the town]

Johan Frederich baaren af [carried by] Margrethe

ClausDatter, Niels Skræders Stifdatter [stepdaughter]

i Glensberg. Test. [godfathers] Christen Rasmusen,

Frederich Muurmester, Lars Frede-

richsen, og Peder Smeds Kone.

alle af [all from] Ørskov.


So the fathers name are Adolph Jensen, and the mothers name are not mentioned.