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Mary Rubley
5 Jan 2018 - 21:53

Hello, could someone please interpret the link below for Jens Bondesen?  I know his mother was Christine Bondesen and looks as though father listed here is Niels Ostergaard.

This is my great-great Grandfather and would be a mystery solved if we could find out his fathers full name and any further details about his birth.  Thank you very much!

Jan Hedegaard Skov
6 Jan 2018 - 13:22:01
Svar: Help interpret Churchbook page for Jens Bondesen

Hi Mary,


I read the text as;


20 Marts

29 Marts, uægte fødsel [illegitimate birth - birth outside marriage]

Christine Knudsdatters uægte Søn: [illegitimate Son]

Jens Bondesen. Moderen er en ægte Datter af [The mother is a legitimate daughter of]

Inderstholdene [lodgers] Knud Johansen og Marine Nielsdatter

Bondesen i [in] Fjelstrup.

Det er hendes tredje uægte Barn. [This is her 3rd illegitimate child]

Som udlagt Fader anmeldte Gjordemoderen [As told father notified the midwife] Gaard-

mand [farmer] Niels Geertsen Østergaard i Knud.

Faddere: [godfathers] Christen Vork af [of] Knud.

Laue Bondesen ibid [same place]

Mette Kirstine Matthiesen af Hauge.


Hope this give what you were asking about.

That the father name are; Niels Geertsen Østergaard

and that the mother have already born 2 children before Jens Bondesen.

Mary Rubley
6 Jan 2018 - 19:25:23
Svar: Help interpret Churchbook page for Jens Bondesen

Hi Jan,


Thank you so very much for your help, this is a mystery solved for our family!!


Thank you,

Mary Rubley