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Greg Johansen
6 Jan 2018 - 11:02

My name is Greg Johansen from Brisbane, Australia.

I am researching my family history. Information I have to date is as follows:-

1.  My grandfather Frederick changed his surname when he was christened from Asmussen to Johansen. Frederik was born on 12/9/1851

2.  Frederik's fathers name, Asmus Johan Frederiksen was born on 16/4/1817

3.  Frederik's mother name was Kristine Margarethe was born on 10/2/1820

4.  They married on 1/12/1844


I am needing to know how do I find out if Frederik had any brothers and sisters and their details. Also wanting to know when  Frederik's parents died and what they left.

Any assistance you can provide or refer to me would be of great assistance - please note I do not read Danish (English only).

Thanking you in advance.



Greg Johansen

Jan Hedegaard Skov
6 Jan 2018 - 15:28:53

Hi Greg,


 I have found some censes about your grandfathers family;




As you can see from the census from 1860, then he had som siblings.

And you can see that between 1850 og 1860 they moved from Raadved, Hansted to Vinten, Tamdrup. Actually it was in 1852, which you see here;

Bottom on the site no. 19 og 20

I have also found Frederich christing (bottom on the page, no. 8);


they moved from Tamdrup, to Raadved, Hansted in 1847 (no 55 and 56);

and they were married in Tamdrup (no 12);


His parents death are;

Father, 19/2-1890 (no 5);

Mother, 23/3-1892 (between 8 and 9);


Brothers and sisters;

14/1-1845, brother, dead before christing,

24/8-1847, Johan Nicolai Frederik Asmusen,

12/2-1854, Christen Asmussen,

3/8-1858, Else Marie Asmusen,

31/5-1860, Mads Ludvig Asmusen,

there may be more.


Hope this give you some to work with :)