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Barbara Larson-Herber
9 Jan 2018 - 03:10

I would much appreciate assistance reading and translating a birth entry for my gggrandmother Maren Pedersen.  The entry is found in Ribe/Anst/Seest Parish/Churchbooks/Churchbook 1827-1842 Seest< Ny udgave, Page No. 31, entry #61.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. 


Henry Ammitzbøll
9 Jan 2018 - 11:16:07
Svar: Assistance in translating a birth entry

entry #61 Maren Hansen - not Pedersen

Born July 13th 1834. Bapt. in the church Aug. 31st 1834

Parents: Hans Christensen and wife Ane Kirstine Jensdatter in Vrandrup


Ane Marie Andersen from Fr?? 

Peter Lyse. Morten Michelsen, Anst.

Knud Christensen, Geising. Christian

Hansen Hjort. Hans Kruses Hustrue (wife).

Christen Smeds Hustrue (wife).



Barbara Larson-Herber
11 Jan 2018 - 02:50:10
Svar: Assistance in translating a birth entry

Thank you for your assistance.  It was greatly appreciated. I believe that I referenced the wrong entry.  It should be page 30, entry number 58 of that same church book.  I believe that Maren's fathers name is Peder Madsen and her mother is either Kirsten Knudsdatter or Kirsten Konradsdatter.  Could you kindly translate that entry. 

Again, thank you in advance for your assistance. 

Henry Ammitzbøll
11 Jan 2018 - 11:05:55
Svar: Assistance in translating a birth entry

entry #58 Maren Pedersen

Born March 13th 1834. Bapt. in the church May 4th 1834

Parents: Freeholder-Smallholder Peder Madsen and wife in Vranderup


Farmer Peder Jeppesen's Daughter

Christen Sand's wife

Farmer Simon Ped.'s Sister

Farmer Hans Christensen