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Jan Butcher
13 Jan 2018 - 00:04

Hi Ida

Thank you for your interest. My information is very very limited. That is why we have had no success. Last month I even did DNA to see if I could have any success that way. 

I have Aarhus from Robert Christian Smith's Australian marriage certificate and his Australian death certificate which also listed his father as Christian Smith. Even his naturalisation certificate has him as Robert Christian Smith, not very Danish!  I went from the angle could it be Rasmus or Schmidt but nothing stood out. With Robert's children they seemed to have honoured the grandparents by giving their names to them as a second name. ( I can prove that on the mother's side). Using this theory I had an archivist search Danish records for a marriage of Christian & Bine, but no luck there either. I am now wondering if it was Caroline but have not been able to do any research there. Robert had eleven children , often with three given names, so I have a lot to choose from.

I went through the whole 1845 Census from Aarhus every parish. Collected the names of all males born in 1843. I then narrowed the list to 18 possibles but can't find how I  can cross reference my list of names with  church records of birth's 15 Aug 1843. That is why I have come to the Forum. My list also includes Christian Friis from Assens who, in my search in 2017 gave me hope, but didn't lead anywhere as he only had a foster child who was  the wrong age.

Any help would be really appreciated. I am very proud of my Daish heritage. On the other side of my family I am directly related to the brother of Tycho Brahe. I do so want to find this side's information as a gift to my grandchildren.

Again thank you for your interest 

Jan Butcher

My List of Possibles all from Aarhus b:1843 (except Christian Friis)