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Suzanne Hansen
12 Feb 2018 - 19:07

I am trying to read what I believe to be a marriage license from 1761 / 1762 for JENS MADSEN SCHIER and ANNA MARIA MOURITZDATTER. I’m not sure why there seem to be 2 entries: one in December and one in January. I see some additional names in the second entry: Anne and Karen. I would greatly appreciate your help! Thanks so much! Link

Jan Hedegaard Skov
12 Feb 2018 - 23:24:24
Svar: Please help me read this marriage licenseM


I read the text as;


Som der er begyndt Aegteskab imellem

ærlig og forstandig unge Karl Jens

Madsen Skiaer og aerlig Pige Anna

Maria MoritzDatter, saae forsikrer

vi 2de underskrevne, at intet er paa

begge sider, som dette deres Aegteskab

kand hindre eller kuldkaste.

d 15 Decembr  Peder Wibe

Madssen skiaer

FreDagen d 18 Decembr blev naest ovenmelte

Personer Trolovede.


FreDagen d 22 Januarij blev Jens Madsen

Skiaer og Anna Mariae MauritzDatter Copulerede.



Where the ... means this text do not belong to your pair.


Translated is;

... (marriage of another pair)

As begun the marriage between
honest and wise bachelor Jens
Madsen Skiær and honest girl Anna
Maria Moritz Daughter, then assure
we the 2 signatories that there are nothing on
either sides that this marriage
can be stopped or prevented.
d 15 Decembr Peder Wibe
Madssen Skiær
freday December 18th was above mentioned
People engaged.
... (a sum of the people that gets married in the year)
Freday January 22nd was Jens Madsen
Skiær and Anna Mariæ MauritzDatter married.

... (engagement of another pair)


So the first part they gets engaged (dec 18th) and in the second part they get married (jan 22nd)

Suzanne Hansen
12 Feb 2018 - 23:41:37
Svar: Please help me read this marriage licenseM
Thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate your time. Figuring out some of these documents, particularly the very old ones, would otherwise be impossible for me. Thanks again! Sue Hansen O.
Suzanne Hansen
13 Feb 2018 - 00:33:49
Svar: Please help me read this marriage licenseM

If you have the time, I have another favor to ask for some help with a Skiær relative. This is an entry (#3 on the page) in the Stubbekøbing Parish Churchbook in 1777 for MADS SKIÆR. I believe he may be the father of Jens Madsen Skiær (Schier). Is it a death record, perhaps for a child? I don’t see an age given. Also, what does the number 17 represent that I see in so many of the entries on the page? In the above document that you looked at, you mention a Madssen Skiær—would that be the same person? Thank you again for any help. Sue



Jan Hedegaard Skov
13 Feb 2018 - 22:58:28
Svar: Please help me read this marriage licenseM

Hi Sue


I did not think that you knew the letter Æ. Then I should have used it in my reading of the Danish text.

So aerlig=ærlig, Aegteskab=Ægteskab, naest=næst and of course Skiaer=Skiær.

The test is;

3. Mandag. d. 27de Jan blev Mads Skærs Enkes

liig ved 12 Ringning begravet uden de 17 Al.



3. Monday, Jan. 27nd was Mads Skærs widdows

body (or dead body) by 12 rings (12 strokes from the church bell) burried without (or outside) the 17 al.?

age. (not written the age).

I think that "outside the 17 al." refers to a specific area in the church yard.

In those days they paid to let the bell ring, and paid for songs at the burial, so this is mentioned.

The two witness at the betrothal; Peder Wibe and Madssen Skiær

Madssen could be a mistake, and there it should have been Mads. This fits to Jens Madssen Skiærs name; Jens son of Mads, because Madssen=Madssøn= Mads' Søn which is the son of Mads

But it could also be as written Madssen Skiær with no forename mentioned. Then it could be a brother of Jens Madsen Skiær.

Anyway the Mads Skær in the burial could be your Jens Madssen Skiærs father, and then it could be his mothers (or stepmothers) dead.


I guess, that it is his father (as a witness and in the burial). And then he must have died before 1777. But you have to investigate this more to be sure.


Suzanne Hansen
13 Feb 2018 - 23:55:58
Svar: Please help me read this marriage licenseM

Wow, that is a lot of interesting information! The part about the bells is something new. Thank you so much for your help and insight. I try to use google translate to help me figure things out, but that is not the same as help from someone who speaks Danish and understands this research. Yes, I was unsure whether or not Mads Schiær was Jens Schiær’s father, although I was leaning in that direction. So it looks like I still don’t know. Thanks again, Jan! Sue

Jan Hedegaard Skov
14 Feb 2018 - 20:45:48
Svar: Please help me read this marriage licenseM

Hi Sue,

Here is a bit more. I tried to google after Mads Skiær and I found;

this indicate that Mads Andersen Schiær are his father.

This page says the same;

Look at page 40.


Both tell that Mads died in 1768, so I found the "division of his estate after his dead" (can not remember the english word), and it is here (bottom right side and next page);

Here it is told that Mads died the Feb. 24th 1768, and his son Jens Madsen Skiær are a citizen of the town (Stubbekøbing).

And your Jens Madsen Skiær lived in Stubbekøbing i 1768, right?

So I would say, that you have found his father.


All this contains a lot of material that has to be investigated and checked. That means a lot of work for you. Good luck.



Suzanne Hansen
20 Feb 2018 - 20:16:39
Svar: Please help me read this marriage licenseM

Jan, I did not read your message until today, 20 Feb, so please excuse my delay in replying to you. (I was actually now going to ask for help with another entry.) Thank you so much for the extra time and effort you put in to help further my investigations. I appreciate your willingness to be so helpful! Sue