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The unhappy Christiane Jensdatter

The story was that Christiane 3 July 1873 cynically had poisoned her 56 -year-old husband Hans Frantzen (born April 29, 1815 ) in order to be able to be with her love the farm hand Niels Christian Jensen. The district doctor suspected poisoning, and thought he could get Christiane to confess, by cutting the heart out of Hans, and force her to sit with it in her hands. The rumour also said she had been sentenced to 6 years in prison and then exiled to America.

The truth was somewhat different. Christiane (born in Vester Horshave) was as married when she was only 21 year (8/8 1848) with Hans who was slightly older. It was his second marriage. He was said to be a drunkard who had been disempowered in 1859. They had 7 children together and lived on Flomsholtshus ( Torslev parish, Dronninglund District ) but Christiane was unhappy and suggested that they divorced . She wanted to go to America.

Approximately one week before her husband's death she complained to Niels who thought there was a solution to that problem. Rat-poison should be the solution. A few days later when she again complained to Niels, she asked him about "treskillingsblåt" (used for certain processes of film processing and colouring) as she had heard it contained poison. Niels had replied that she could always try. When Hans a few days later demanded something to drink she put a teaspoon "treskillingsblåt" in. She had at that point not made a conscious decision to get rid of her husband. His left for work the next day but came home in the morning because he was sick. Over the next few days he got more doses of the poison and died d 3 July without being seen by a doctor. He underwent an autopsy and intestines and kidney showed signs of intoxication.

Christiane was arrested and interrogated, but then changed the explanation so that she is now involved Niels in the murder. Niels denied but Christiane's daughter Mariane testified and said that she had heard Niels tell Christiane to keep quiet about the poisoning . The court found there was not enough evidence and acquitted Niels. Supreme Court sentenced Christiane Jensdatter to death 8 June 1874, but by Royal resolution 14 July 11 out of 12 voted to pardon Christiane and her sentence was reverted to life in prison. 4 May 1886 the remaining sentence was waived. In 1886 Christiane finally managed to get to the United States. Her daughter Mariane now lived in Elm Grove Township, Payne County, Oklahoma. Christiane remained in the U.S. until her death 11 years later.

With 15-16 years of unhappy marriage, the loss of 3 daughters (Johanne Marie in 1870, second daughter in 1872 and only 11 year old Ane Kristine in 1877), followed by 13 years in the penitentiary, one can certainly not blame Christiane for being unhappy.

Flamsholthus were sold at auction as early as 5 August 1873 one month after the death; the house was sold to the farmer Niels Christian Jacobsen of Riisager as the highest bidder for 1240 rigsdaler.

Vester Horshave
Vester Horshave