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Anne Palle the last witch

Anne was born in 1619 and was as 74 year old beheaded and burned, on charges of witchcraft. She was to be the last to be burned in Denmark as a result of witchcraft. Anne was married to Peter Pallet, after her first husband had died. Peter Palle was a few years younger than Anne, and rumors swirling that he alone had married for financial reasons. Maren Jacobsdatter from the neighbouring farm, according to rumours caught Peter's eye and when Anne found out about it, she should have cast a spell on her making her sick. When Maren after some time got sick and died the rumours began sweeping. Since then Anne and Peter were thrown off the farm in Øverup, and had to move to a less nice place in Tåderup, Anne were rumoured to have put a spell on the cows, by urinated in the yard, causing the cows to never thrive.

Anne was declared a witch by the wise woman Karen from Lommerlev, who already stood convicted of murder, presumably hoping to reduce her sentence. Karen informed against a total of 5 women. Anne Pallet was imprisoned at Nykøbing castle, was the month before the trial in the District parliament, tortured by the vicar Gregers Zimmer and a few of his priestly colleagues. She confessed in both parliament and the District County Council but the Supreme Court, without torture, she denied all charges. Still, she was found guilty.

After her death, her 4 horses, 5 cows, a piglet, a few sheep and her bedding handed over to the king. Peder married again, but did not named his first born daughter after his late wife.

Anne Palle
A woman could be tested to see if she was a witch. Throw her in the water, if she sank and drowned she was innocent. If she floated, she was a witch!

Anne Palle
Sometimes a ladder was used, ao when the fire was strong the victim would be thrown into the fire. This was done to make the death faster and less painful