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Overview / Sorø / Alsted / Sorø parish / Churchbooks
Church Books in Sorø parish
   Book typeFrom YearTo YearSource TypesDescriptionStatusNo. PagesRecorded EntriesRecorded NamesDataentry Complete
Enesteministerialbog16901698 Marriage, Dead New edition Open 100020.00%
Enesteministerialbog16901718 Born, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 204033320.10%
Enesteministerialbog17191751 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 171000.58%
Enesteministerialbog17521781 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 2352160.85%
Enesteministerialbog17771798 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 39000.00%
Enesteministerialbog17801800 Dead New edition Open 13000.00%
Enesteministerialbog17811782 Born New edition Open 70028.57%
Enesteministerialbog17981860 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 222030.00%
Kontraministerialbog18141838 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead, Person register, Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures New edition Open 4851402.47%
Kontraministerialbog18381846 Person register New edition Open 103000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18381857 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures New edition Open 155000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18381863 Born New edition Open 1500212.00%
Kontraministerialbog18381873 Confirmation, Marriage New edition Open 133000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18381880 Dead New edition Open 1492312.68%
Kontraministerialbog18511870 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures New edition Open 38000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18551882 Confirmation New edition Open 146060.68%
Kontraministerialbog18631884 Born New edition Open 2020433.96%
Kontraministerialbog18731891 Marriage New edition Open 70081.43%
Kontraministerialbog18811891 Dead New edition Open 74000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18831891 Confirmation New edition Open 56000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18851891 Born New edition Open 810166.17%
Kontraministerialbog18921912 Born Open 303231618.15%
Kontraministerialbog18921912 Confirmation Open 1771162.26%
Kontraministerialbog18921912 Dead Open 29712422.69%
Kontraministerialbog18921919 Marriage Open 1551265.16%
Kontraministerialbog19131927 Born Open 21741196100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19131927 Confirmation Open 132002.27%
Kontraministerialbog19131927 Dead Open 304067651.97%
Kontraministerialbog19191927 Marriage Open 87005.75%
Kontraministerialbog19281934 Born Open 2301666100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19281934 Dead Open 191193.14%
Kontraministerialbog19281937 Confirmation Open 21601033100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19281937 Marriage Open 960540100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19351941 Dead Open 194375134751.03%
Kontraministerialbog19351942 Born Open 251094.78%
Kontraministerialbog19371945 Marriage Open 1000558100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19381947 Confirmation Open 21711063100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19411947 Dead Open 2130123.76%
Kontraministerialbog19421947 Born Open 249018828.51%
Kontraministerialbog19461953 Marriage Open 101112223.76%
Kontraministerialbog19471951 Born Open 257033.11%
Kontraministerialbog19471954 Dead Open 231033.03%
Kontraministerialbog19481956 Confirmation Open 239001.67%
Kontraministerialbog19511955 Born Open 2600348.46%
Kontraministerialbog19531962 Marriage Open 87006.90%
Kontraministerialbog19541961 Dead Open 2270215.29%
Kontraministerialbog19551961 Born Open 2440707100.00%
Kontraministerialbog19571965 Confirmation Open 129003.10%
Kontraministerialbog19611969 Dead Open 231032.60%
Kontraministerialbog19691976 Dead Open 19040100.00%
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