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Overview / Odense / Skovby / Bogense parish / Churchbooks
Church Books in Bogense parish
   Book typeFrom YearTo YearSource TypesDescriptionStatusNo. PagesRecorded EntriesRecorded NamesDataentry Complete
Enesteministerialbog16461736 Born, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 170002.94%
Enesteministerialbog17391772 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 121012112.40%
Enesteministerialbog17721795 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 90071131.11%
Enesteministerialbog17951813 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead New edition Open 116000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18131823 Born Dåbsregister Open 52000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18131823 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead, Person register, Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures New edition Open 195010.00%
Hovedministerialbog18141823 Dead Begravelsesregister Open 24000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18141823 Confirmation Konfirmationsregister Open 32000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18141823 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures Til- og afgangsregister Open 38000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18141823 Marriage Vielsesregister Open 16000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18231831 Dead Begravelsesregister Open 13000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18231831 Born Dåbsregister Open 44000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18231826 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures Til- og afgangsregister Open 33000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18231831 Marriage Vielsesregister Open 6000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18241830 Confirmation Konfirmationsregister Open 24000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18261833 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures Til- og afgangsregister Open 108000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18311844 Dead Begravelsesregister Open 24000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18311844 Born Dåbsregister Open 87000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18311844 Confirmation Konfirmationsregister Open 50000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18311844 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead, Person register New edition Open 2151110.47%
Hovedministerialbog18311844 Marriage Vielsesregister Open 16000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18331841 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures Til- og afgangsregister Open 146000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18411851 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures Til- og afgangsregister Open 198000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18451857 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead, Person register New edition Open 284190.35%
Hovedministerialbog18511854 Parish Arrivals, Parish Departures Til- og afgangsregister Open 53000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18581866 Dead Begravelsesregister Open 42000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18581869 Born Dåbsregister Open 105000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18581867 Confirmation Konfirmationsregister Open 48000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18581869 Born, Confirmation, Marriage, Dead, Person register New edition Open 237000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18581868 Marriage Vielsesregister Open 22000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18671891 Dead Begravelsesregister Open 119004.20%
Kontraministerialbog18671891 Dead New edition Open 1280160.00%
Hovedministerialbog18681891 Confirmation Konfirmationsregister Open 116000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18681891 Confirmation New edition Open 120000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18691887 Born Dåbsregister Open 197000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18691888 Born New edition Open 1851130.00%
Kontraministerialbog18691891 Marriage New edition Open 62000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18691891 Marriage Vielsesregister Open 62000.00%
Hovedministerialbog18881891 Born Dåbsregister Open 43000.00%
Kontraministerialbog18881891 Born New edition Open 310195100.00%
Kontraministerialbog18921906 Born Open 197001.52%
Kontraministerialbog18921910 Dead Open 189052.12%
Kontraministerialbog18921915 Marriage Open 97004.12%
Kontraministerialbog18921927 Confirmation Open 195001.54%
Hovedministerialbog18921905 Born Dåbsregister Open 208000.00%
Kontraministerialbog19061915 Born Open 203001.97%
Kontraministerialbog19101925 Dead Open 197022.54%
Kontraministerialbog19151929 Born Open 204012.45%
Kontraministerialbog19161933 Marriage Open 76025.26%
Kontraministerialbog19241960 Confirmation Open 104003.85%
Kontraministerialbog19251944 Dead Døde kvindekøn Open 104003.85%
Kontraministerialbog19261935 Dead Døde mandkøn Open 46006.52%
Kontraministerialbog19281960 Confirmation Open 94133.19%
Kontraministerialbog19281936 Born Fødte kvindekøn Open 50006.00%
Kontraministerialbog19291936 Born Fødte mandkøn Open 46016.52%
Kontraministerialbog19331955 Marriage Open 105002.86%
Kontraministerialbog19351953 Dead Døde mandkøn Open 103002.91%
Kontraministerialbog19361948 Born Fødte kvindekøn Open 104012.88%
Kontraministerialbog19361948 Born Fødte mandkøn Open 1040401.92%
Kontraministerialbog19451961 Dead Døde kvindekøn Open 104002.88%
Kontraministerialbog19481959 Born Fødte kvindekøn Open 103002.91%
Kontraministerialbog19481959 Born Fødte mandkøn Open 103053.88%
Kontraministerialbog19531966 Dead Døde mandkøn Open 106002.83%
Kontraministerialbog19551971 Marriage Open 290013.79%
Kontraministerialbog19591963 Born Fødte kvindekøn Open 220018.18%
Kontraministerialbog19591963 Born Fødte mandkøn Open 330012.12%
Kontraministerialbog19621984 Dead Døde kvindekøn Open 63006.35%
Kontraministerialbog19661984 Dead Døde mandkøn Open 310125100.00%
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